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Why Use LinkTiger

  • Broken Links Report


    Our user friendly dashboard offers clear & well designed reports with pie charts and graphs of the status of all broken links on your site and the ability to create custom reports.

  • No Software


    No link checking software to download and pay for up-front, no software maintenance or hardware required for our link checker. Just sign up and LinkTiger will hunt your site for broken links 24x7.

  • Export, Print, Email


    LinkTiger crawls your web site daily and sends an email with a link to a report for all broken links on your site. Broken link reports can be exported, printed, e-mailed and shared with colleagues.

  • HTML, PDF, Flash, CSS


    LinkTiger not only finds broken links in webpages, but also checks for broken links in any PDF, CSS, FLASH, JavaScript or MS Office document on your website. We also support checking for broken links in the secure areas.

  • On-Page Visualization


    In the Dashboard broken links are highlighted on the webpage or in the source code for easy recognition.

  • Collaborative Tools


    With "Team Support" user access. Broken link checking reports can be shared amongst a team for users that manage multiple websites with different webmasters.

LinkTiger Demo Webinar

We wanted a regular, automatic scan that would report back to us on broken links without us doing anything. We're a small company focused on email marketing and SEO and our clients are price sensitive. We are very happy with the service we get from LinkTiger

Jordan Hellyer, President, Easy Email Solutions

Praise & Adoration

I was looking for a service that could check all the broken links on my site for validity on a regular basis, and after wasting a bunch of time with a few free options that just ended up being too janky, I found LinkTiger, signed up, and was very pleased with how easy the reports made it to fix broken links. This is the kind of program I have needed — something so easy to use that even I can figure it out. I really appreciate the quick notification when I have broken links.

Jeff Livingston, Interactive & Web Designer, Masimo Corp

This is the kind of program I have needed — something so easy to use that even I can figure it out. I really appreciate the quick notification when I have broken links.

With over 140 websites to manage, we would have never found many of the issues LinkTiger found, like defunct ads we were losing money on. This is an excellent tool!

Laura Bennett, SEO Director

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